Contact Sigma Epsilon and learn more about us!
It's easy -- either write to us at our P.O. Box, email one of us or call us on our information line.

By Mail Write to:
Sigma Epsilon, P.O. Box 930516 Norcross GA 30003-0516

By E-Mail write to our Membership Coordinator and President, Heather, at:

Wives and significant others may write to Lynn Everest at:

By Phone:
The Information Help Line number is: (770) 552-4415.

This is a Voice Mailbox, please leave your name, a Phone number and times during the day or evening that you can be reached.

This line is completely secure. We will never leave messages on your voice mail/answering machine, nor will we identify the reason for our return call to anyone but you, unless you specifically request otherwise.

Our Membership Coordinator, Heather Thomas, will call you back usually within a 24-48 hour time frame. Please allow her an ample opportunity to reach you by providing several time periods for her to return your call. Also please state your name and phone number slowly and kindly repeat it as well. Between the use of cell phones and the recording technologies, the messages at times are difficult to decipher.

Before attending your first meeting, it is necessary for you to call our information line and talk with Heather. This is part of our screening and security process.