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Here are some (of many) references/studies which generally reinforce my conclusions re. the relevance of genetics in understanding gender issues. I especially invite you and others to watch the National Geographic documentary by Katy Kourec and the Morgan Freeman documentary "Are there more than Two Sexes?" His other documentary is excellent also. Clearly these topics are complex and need to be examined under many lenses. But studies within the past 5 years, in particular, are starting to blow holes in a lot of previously held theories advanced to those in the psychiatric realm. Here is more detail on the documentaries I referenced, as well as another good link:

The best documentaries I have ever seen, both airing early 2017, and perhaps earlier:

National Geographic "Gender Revolution" by Katy Kouric
Through the wormhole - Morgan Freeman/ Will Sex Become Extinct
Through the Wormhole - Morgan Freeman/Are There More Than Two Sexes

This article was recently run in Paste magazine.
Science Proves Trans People Aren't Making It Up

Here are a couple others:

Research supporting the fact that children ID as transgender

Gender Identity Deeply Held in Transgender Kids -

Anatomical brain differences

Biological differences in MTFs and cisgender males

Scientists discover 'transsexual gene' that makes men feel like women

Biological Underpinnings of Transvestism

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