Special Events

There are three separate special event months: February, April (or May) and

Valentine’s day is in February, so a “non-dressed” dinner somewhere special is planned. This is where, on the Saturday night, the crossdresser takes the wife out to a nice restaurant with other couples in the group, but no one is crossdressed. This is intended as a “Thank you” to all the wives for their support during the year. Members who do not have wives present for that activity do still go out crossdressed on the Saturday night, but at a different restaurant. The two groups do not go to the same restaurant together to avoid possible recognition issues.

In April (or sometimes May) we have our Spring Ball. This is the equivalent of a girl’s senior prom. This is the event of the year to wear that special formal gown or a themed costume. Each year there is a special theme. Themes in recent years have included Mardi Gras, a Hawaiian Luau, a Sock Hop, A Night at the Casino, and A Costume Ball.

The Holiday Party is held in December. This is when we have our final get together for the year at the hotel suite. It is where we dress up in our special Christmas party outfits. There is a variety of excellent food and drink provided by our members. We have music, skits, and other entertainment to keep us amused. We play a gift exchange game known as “Dirty Santa”. It is a time for fellowship and good fun.