Our Mission

Our Mission & Promise

Sigma Epsilon will provide a safe, supportive, and confidential forum that encourages open dialogue to guide our sisters and their loved ones toward a better understanding of the phenomenon of adult cross dressing and
how it relates to their individual lives and relationships.

  • We strive always to listen without judgment and to share our own experiences in order to provide a perspective but never with the intent to "influence" or "lead" a sister or a loved oneĀ  to acceptance. Rather, we strive to guide them to a better level of understanding and comfort.

  • We will encourage open communication between the cross dresser and their loved one.To reinforce a deeper relationship through a healthy and balanced understanding of how cross dressing may be incorporated into their life in a mutually acceptable manner.

  • We will always reinforce a positive message to the public in general through our appearance and conduct, developing a clear and concise identity as cross dressers.

  • We will work to further the identity of the cross dresser as one who is equally integral but also a unique and distinct part of the larger spectrum of gender expression.