Education and Outreach

The general public has been educated to some degree, and therefore has greater awareness of other gender or sexual preference groups such as the gay community or the needs of the transsexual. However, the general public seems to know very little about our area of gender expression. The reality is that the majority of cross dressers are heterosexual and usually show little outward signs of being transgender when not crossdressed. Sigma Epsilon is a support group comprised of cross dressers who are equally and deeply committed to everyday careers, spouses and family life. As such, most of us cannot openly participate in political avenues that address and educate the general public about transgender issues.

Although Sigma Epsilon does not function as a political action group, an important part of what we do is to educate others about cross dressing by privately addressing college and university students, educators, law enforcement as well a various professional groups about the phenomena of cross dressing. Sigma Epsilon has regularly held seminars at prestigious colleges and universities such as Emory University, GA State University, Kennesaw State, University of Georgia, Agnes Scott College, Georgia Southern University, and others in the region. We also conduct informal outreach when we are out and about crossdressed in public and encounter curious individuals who wonder what we are doing.