Please Review the Following Prior to Attending Your First Meeting or Applying for Membership

We welcome all cross dressers and their spouses, partners or family members who are 18 years or older to our meetings.

The Sigma Epsilon guidelines are written and enforced to protect the privacy and security of all members and guests who attend our meetings. You will be required to identify yourself in order to participate in our activities; however, your true identity will be held in strict confidence and shared with no one in the group except the leadership. You are known only by your "Femme" name. Your spouse or significant other who attends meetings may also wish to adopt a "meeting name" as well. We expect you to display the same care and respect for the privacy of other members and their guests as well. The purpose of our meetings is to provide support and guidance as well as to encourage participation in scheduled social activities. We offer our members the opportunity to develop and express the feminine side of their personality. We expect our members to dress and conduct themselves as women, in the company of other women. Sexual activity of any kind is not permitted. If you are looking for friendship, camaraderie, guidance and support in a secure environment– you are welcome to join us.