These guide lines come from our By-Laws, which can be downloaded from the link on the left.

A. Never tell a third party the location of any meeting. If you wish to bring a guest, contact an Administrative Board member first. Only guests, who have been approved by the Administrative Board, are to be informed where and when we meet.

B. Minor children (Under the age of 18 years) are not permitted to attend our meetings or events, except when accompanied by their legal parent(s) or guardian(s) and only if prior approval has been obtained from the President of Sigma Epsilon.

C. While dressed "En Femme", Sigma Epsilon members or guests must adhere to the contractual agreement with the current host hotel for use of the hotel's pool, recreational facilities, or any of the hotel's restrooms. Consult an Administrative Board member to determine the restrictions to hotel facilities.

D. Except during an Administrative Board approved event, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Hospitality Suite. Smoking is never allowed in the Hospitality Suite.

E. The hotel welcomes and supports us. We, in turn, must respect the rights of their other guests and management. As our hotel has many families with children as guests, we must respect their need to remain family-oriented.

F. No one is ever required to dress at any meetings. Your initial goal should be to become comfortable with the group and its support. However, when you do dress "En Femme" you must dress ladylike.

G. Our meetings must maintain a respectable atmosphere and decorum. Therefore, no obscene, erotic or sexual activities, articles, exhibits or items of this nature shall be allowed, in any form, during the meetings. Any member found to be soliciting any other member or meeting guest for sexual activity of any kind shall be subject to immediate and permanent dismissal from membership in Sigma Epsilon.

H. We meet in public places such as the hotel and restaurants. We expect members and guests to dress appropriately and act accordingly. Conservative ladylike attire is best for daytime activities and dinner/cocktail dresses are fine for dinner. Provocative, fetish, sexy or androgynous (partial male/female) attire costume is never acceptable.

I. Our meetings include a support discussion/session where topics pertaining to cross-dressing are addressed. Specifics of the discussions are strictly confidential and must remain private.

J. Never divulge to a third party the identity, telephone number, e-mail address or other information considered private to a member or a guest without the express permission of that person. If you are asked for anyone's telephone number, take the number of the party making the request and pass it on to the member in question. Any member or guest who divulges information about another person to third party is not welcome.

K. Photographs may be taken at our meetings or events to document our chapter's growth. However, please do not photograph anyone -- foreground or background -- without his or her prior permission. Additionally, if you do not wish to be photographed -- inform the photographer. Take special care not to photograph anyone "en drab". Never share your photographs unless you first obtain the permission of all who are included in the picture.

L. Please immediately report any Security Guideline violations or other problems to a Sigma Epsilon Administrative Board Member. Allow them to handle any situations, which may arise concerning privacy and security issues.

We have all experienced that feeling of deep concern that our secret will be discovered and the possible harm this would cause to either our loved ones or ourselves. Your acceptance of and adherence to the above rules will assure everyone's continued security and comfort.