Going Out / Dress Attire

About Going Out

We never go anywhere that we believe it would not be safe for us to go. Most locations we go to have already been checked out carefully by at least a few of our board members. We have procedures to deal with restroom issues that are designed to keep everyone out of trouble.

Dress Attire

What to wear? Wear what you are comfortable with wearing. We would suggest you keep it conservative. You do not want to wear something outlandish unless attending a costume party. “Fetish wear” or anything overly revealing is never acceptable at our meetings or functions. For Friday evening, dressing up a little extra (such as a woman’s business suit or a dress) is okay and appropriate. If you want to wear jeans, you might just want to dress it up a bit with heels and appropriate accessories for going out to dinner on a Friday night. Saturday morning and afternoon, it is usually best to wear something casual and comfortable. Depending on the activity during the day, you might want to wear a t-shirt, slacks (or jeans) and flats, pumps or sneakers. Saturday evening it would again be appropriate to wear something a bit more dressed up. A jean skirt or a formal evening gown would usually be out of place on a Saturday evening.

When going out in public, being able to “pass” is not a requirement (and usually impossible with a large group), but dressing and conducting oneself as a proper lady is a requirement.